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Brand: Vermodje
Product Code: 934
Package: 50mg (25 tabs)
Substance: Clomiphene citrate (Clomid)
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: $20.00

General information about Clomiver in the UK

Clomiver - is antiestrogen Vermodzhe production of drugs used in sports practice for stimulating the production of testosterone and prevent side effects caused by prolonged use of anabolic and androgenic steroids. The use of this drug allows the athlete to avoid the appearance of "rollback phenomenon" (loss of muscle mass, typed on course AAS) and to protect themselves from gynecomastia and other undesirable effects.

Can Clomiver used in medical practice. In particular it can be used to treat women of various ailments that prevent pregnancy, and to stimulate ovulation (indications for use: with oligospermia, with amenorrhea, with anovulatory infertility, when dysfunctional metrorrhagia, etc.).


Features Clomiver in the UK

At the heart of the antiestrogen drug is clomiphene citrate. This active substance of synthetic origin based on their chemical structure is most similar to tamoxifen (another anti-estrogen, is actively used, and in sports, and medicine).

The effects and properties of clomiphene citrate and, consequently, the drug Klomiver based on it not to multiple, but significant and extremely important for athletes who use for the development of the physical form of anabolic and androgenic steroids.

Firstly, Clomiver 50 (clomiphene citrate) capable of blocking estrogen receptors in the cells, suspending them activity (estrogen stops production process itself). And secondly, it can affect the HPTA axis (hypothalamic - pituitary - testes), increasing the synthesis of hormones, LH and FSH, which in turn can significantly increase the production of testosterone by the body.

In practice, the effect exerted by Clomiver Vermodje, expressed in the following improvements:

The first - the drug increases the synthesis of natural testosterone, the level of which may be reduced when taking steroids. Thus, it prevents the strengthening of catabolic processes and protects the athlete from losing muscle mass, typed on course AAS.

Second - Klomiver exhibits antiestrogenic activity and minimize the side effects caused by a high degree of aromatization of a steroid that was used on the course (gynecomastia, water retention in the body, etc.).

the antiestrogen Clomiver himself by applying in accordance with the recommendations, has no negative effects, that is, the side effects when it is properly received by not occur. Only in overdose athlete may disturb certain abnormalities, such as - fever, dizziness, headache, blurred vision and nausea.

Finally, we show you how you want to store on the tablet Klomiver Vermodje SRL:

• Keep the medication in a dry and reach of sunlight place;

• Make sure that the storage temperature has not dropped and never rose respectively below and above the room rate (not higher than 25 degrees Celsius);

• Make sure that the tablet is securely tucked away from children and pets.


How to take Klomiver?

Eat the antiestrogen drug for sport is recommended mainly for men. At the same time it is advised to take immediately after the course of steroids, the very next day. So, you maximum protection against the risk of manifestation of "rollback phenomenon" caused by the decrease in production of testosterone and subsequent activation of catabolic processes.

Note that recommended for use on a PCT Klomiver dosage - is 50-150 mg per day (on course commonly used dose of about 50 mg per day). And post-cycle therapy with his participation lasts an average of about 2-3 full weeks (dose and duration of administration depend largely on the used steroids during the course).

Those who do not know how to take Klomiver, advise that the calculated dose of this drug is easy enough, because he has a convenient concentration of the active substance. So, to use the most-recommended dosage on FCT 150 mg you need exactly 3 tablets, for an average dose of 100 mg - 2 tablets, etc.

Instructions for use you likely will not say, but to take Klomiver best on a daily basis. Also, experienced athletes recommended drink preparation in one and the same time. At the same time he has to wash down with sufficient amount of water, and when it is used it is important to avoid alcohol. These simple conditions will significantly increase the effectiveness of post-cycle therapy.

It is important to understand the fact that women, unlike men, do not have to carry out reception Klomiver for sport (in medicine medication regularly assigned girls to stimulate ovulation, and for other reasons). And all because "a sports course" of the anti-estrogen is not the best way affect the natural level of hormones in the female body. However, there are exceptions: Experienced athletes sometimes resort to clomiphene citrate, for example, when preparing for a competition.

In general, before you implement the use of all athletes, regardless of experience, age and gender, we would recommend to visit our Forum. After all, you can connect and communicate with experienced consultants AthleticPharma (masters of sport to the sports doctor) and get useful tips on the use of this and many other pharmacological agents that are relevant in the sport.

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