10 ways to improve your squats

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1. Improve your technique
Work on the inclusion in the process of the most powerful parts of his body. This is the next bunch - glutes, hamstrings and spinal erectors. To do this is to sit down as deep as possible and maintain your weight on your heels. Divorce knees away from each other, to get the maximum possible depth of squats and tension in the thighs.
2. Increase its flexibility
Crouching below the pelvis parallel and the knees, but it uses a different rack and the location of the bar of the bar. For example, try the high location of the bar lying on the trapeze while a narrower stance in the legs. In the US, this rack is suitable and good for weightlifting. Then try a wide stance and thus Arrange the post below, on their shoulders. This type of sit-ups longer acts on the hips and back. You will be convinced himself that the use of different positions involves different muscle groups and requires you to completely different types of flexibility.
3. Strengthens the back
The spinal column, it is your "gearbox", which allows you to use the maximum amount of energy at the squat. Rectifying the lumbar spine muscles are probably the most important group of muscles, which can make your core strong and allow you to safely perform a variety of exercises. Strengthens the back muscles using the deadlift, stretching exercises, and special exercises hips «good morning» (translated as "good morning" and is a series of exercises aimed at flexion and extension of the back with special weights located on the neck). In addition, work to strengthen the upper back muscles, making the rod thrust in the slope and pull-ups.
4. Train your PRESS
The abdominal muscles are critical in creating pressure around the spine, and it is extremely important to support it. Drill press (as with weights, and without it), perform Turkish ups, walking to the "yoke" and squats over his head.
5. Raises heavy weights
Try to do the exercises with a weight equal to 90% or more of your maximum. Do 3-5 sets of 1-2 reps.
6. Move faster
Try to arrange a "high-speed days." Lower the weight to 50 - 70% of your maximum odnopovtornogo and perform squats as fast as possible. You can try to do 8-10 sets of 2-3 repetition 1 time per week.
7. Use the dynamic resistance
Edit resistance in the highest and lowest point of sit-ups, trailers gum or chain to the bar (well, if you're really super cool, then cling both). Work with 50-60 weight% of its maximum and on the same principle as with the rate of exercise.
8. Increase your athleticism
Become more explosive, using the technique of weightlifting (snatch and jerk) and plyometrics. This will help you to improve your characteristics: coordination, agility, balance, strength and flexibility along with strength.
9. Be explosive
And this explosion should start with the lowest point of the squat. Use for special training tables and stools to develop power at the lowest point. Vary their height and circuit training.
10. Improve their RESTORATION
I used together, and stretching and massage, and work with a roller, and chiropractic. Sleep 8 -10 hours a day. Eat clean, natural food. I use ice baths and contrast therapy (heat / cold), to reduce inflammation and improve circulation and speed body recovery.


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