9 tips for pumping biceps

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1. Do not chitingovat in a biceps curl with heavy weights! It is fraught with back pain and even intervertebral hernia. Now all adhere to a strict form of exercise for maximum results. Do not copy cheating Arnold of those old films - he of the nature of the outstanding arms. If you want big biceps, avoid heavy, cheating with, curls, and you insure yourself from injury and give the right stimulus for muscle growth.
2. Stick to the basic exercises. In your efforts to develop your biceps leave bizarre acrobatic movements and postures, such as bending the arms on the block with a rope handle to the opposite slope. Such experiences distract you from the basic movements and hamper growth. To maximize its follow curls standing, simultaneous or alternating curls with dumbbells sitting or standing barbell curls to bench Scott, barbell curls reverse grip (on top), or bending one arm with a dumbbell on the bench by Scott. Choose and stick one to three of these exercises.
3. Develop the strength of the forearms. People with strong biceps are no weak forearms. The logical connection between these two muscle groups is obvious. Not having a strong grip, you will achieve a deep study and burning in the biceps? Without it, you will not achieve the maximum possible reduction of muscles. In the US, you will never achieve the development of the biceps with weak forearms. In addition, thin forearms looked almost worse than weak biceps. Train both muscle groups so that the biceps slightly ahead in size.
4. Keep the palms facing upward when curl with dumbbells. Supine position brushes provides the most profound stimulation of the biceps. Did you know, for example, that at a bend in the elbow at 90 degrees, you can reduce your biceps, just screwing a screw into the wall? Try. Such a move will show the importance of the position of the hands in order to achieve maximum muscle contraction with curl with dumbbells. However, please note that a fully supine position of the brush does not allow the biceps to develop maximum force, but it is necessary to complete its study.
5. Experiment with thick neck. The thicker neck forearm stimulates more than the biceps, and the thin achieves greater reductions in the hamstrings top of the movement when the amplitude of curls. Vultures training simulators and bars are usually more subtle, as a result, they should contribute to a greater reduction in the peak biceps than thick.
6. Do not be carried away by the work on the blocks. It is foolish to binding maximum development with any biceps curls on the blocks. At least, if you measure the quality of the study muscle pain and burning, it will achieve more, exercising with free weights. And no matter how hard you work on the unit, it is difficult to say exactly when it is the biceps fatigue as auxiliary muscles work very actively. So, even if you make the approach to the obvious fatigue, then to a large extent, this fatigue of the forearms, shoulders and upper back. Biceps is still undeveloped, although the feeling of "pumping" is present. At the same amount of work with free weights you will achieve a much greater effect. In the UK, use a pair of sets of exercises on the blocks as the final chord.
7. Begin to bend the hand of a fully rectified the situation. Never start a repeat at the elbows slightly bent, it reduces the amplitude and facilitates the work. As a result, you will be able to lift more weight, but would sacrifice a good portion of the muscle development. On the contrary, always start the movement when fully straightened arms. If you work in a rigorous, controlled manner, you need not worry about injuries related to hyperextension.
8. Extend the elbows slightly forward at the beginning of recovery. People often turn them back from the hand to bend. This "pulling a" vulture you pull it along the body to the chest instead of raising it in front of him. In sports medicine, this movement is used for rehabilitation after injuries of muscles of the rotator cuff. Since the biceps is not the main muscle in the movement, it does not receive adequate stimulation. You can use this technique wrong, to win a lot of weight, but do not expect the growth of the biceps. It is necessary to start moving to a fully straightened arms and in the initial phase does not bend the elbow and push forward the whole hand. This movement should be light, just enough to keep the elbow move back. Now you can start to bend the hand, reducing the biceps. Do not extend your arms forward too much, otherwise the game will enter the front deltoids and take over part of the work.

9. Do not stop at the top of the amplitude. Usually there weight resistance decreases due to the movement of the gravitational axis and changing angles. Biceps relax, you lose the tension in them. To prevent this, do not stop vulture or dumbbells at any amplitude point, move continuously. This will provide additional stress biceps and deeper "pumping", occurs faster fatigue.


How to build big biceps in the US?
Unlike many muscles that require study at different angles, the biceps is almost flat, so if the exercise does not need to watch for an increase in operating weight and the correct technique.
Many of the exercises, for example, upper back, and include work biceps. It is recommended to either integrate these groups of muscles, or train them with a break of at least 48 hours, or quickly come overtraining.
The best exercises for biceps
Anatomical exercise the biceps, the closest to the natural movement of the joint, is the bench press barbell biceps. The following variations of exercises: bench press rod forward and reverse grip, lifting dumbbells, lifting on the block.
In order to make visually biceps more recommended study inner shoulder muscles which will "push" it upwards. This muscle is included in the job when you turn the palm with dumbbells during exercise.
Lifting dumbbells for biceps
Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, back straight, abdominal muscles are tense; hands a little wider than shoulder width, palms looking up holding dumbbells. Slowly raise the dumbbells up, tap the forearm biceps, then pause for a few seconds, and then lower the arms down. Keep the elbow did not change its position during the exercise.
Lifting unit for biceps
Move one step from the blocks with your feet shoulder-width apart, grab the handle unit with both hands, palms facing up. Slowly raise the weight up, then lower. Perform the movement by the force of the biceps, and not the whole body bends to lift the weight. Make sure that the back was straight, elbow and did not change its position during movement.
Lifting dumbbells "hammer"
Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, back straight, abdominal muscles are tense, slightly bent at the elbows and arms extended along the body holding a dumbbell, palm facing inward. Without changing the grip dumbbell, slowly raise your hands up, then lower down. Make sure that the elbow was not close to the body, and did not change its position, and moving only the forearm.
Bench barbell biceps reverse grip
Performing like a normal press of a bar, but the palm facing down. Requires less weight rod, or perform equipment broken. Slowly raise the bar up, tap the forearm biceps, then pause for a few seconds, and then lower the barbell down. Keep the elbow did not change its position during the exercise.
Concentrated curl
Sit on a bench, grab a dumbbell in your right hand, secure the right elbow on the thigh. Slowly raise your hand up, feeling biceps work, and engaging in the movement only the forearm, but without changing the position of the shoulder and elbow. Hold at the top for two seconds, then slowly lower your hand down.
Curls on the bench Scott
Sit on the bench Scott, lock the elbows, palms hold the post, looking up. Slowly raise your hands to touch the forearm biceps, lock in the top of the movement, then lower the barbell down. Make sure that the bottom of the movement arms were slightly bent, and not completely straightened. Is not involved in the movement of the whole body - only work hands.
Lifting dumbbells on forearm
Sit on the bench, the lower part of the forearm and elbow fixed on the thigh, holding dumbbells, palms facing down (forward grip). Raise your hands with dumbbells above the line of the forearm, then slowly lower them as low as possible. Repeat the exercise with a reverse grip in which the palms facing upwards.
How to download biceps in the UK?
During exercise the biceps is important that it is only included in the job, and you do not lift weights, straining his body. Forearm - the only part of the body that should be moving during the exercise.
Keep an eye on the position of the elbows - if you put them forward, back bend, if the plant in hand, it will increase the load on the joints. Elbows must be fixed at one point during the exercise.


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