Bodybuilding program for beginners

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Note bodybuilding can not be grasped at once, as well as much more. For example, the math. Around ways of teaching this subject is broken a lot of copies, but all teachers agree on one thing: it all begins with a simple action.
That's the first thing you need to master the trinity of down-force exercises: bench press, squat and deadlift.
There were times when beginners in our sport trying to save from a troublesome work the pole. Was launched with ought simulators yes pair of light dumbbells.
However, time has shown that beginners who have not passed the severe quenching power, one and all are in bodybuilding outsiders. Thus, a response was received on the very sensitive issue of our sport, why is not every lover manages to pump up the muscles of the record? So many just have not been able to take the right start ...
So, we offer you only correct a program of strength training for beginners who fail lasting neurophysiological foundation for your desire to get a powerful musculature.
The program ensures rapid and profound changes all life-support systems of the body, including your heart, blood, respiration, hormone metabolism and absorption of nutrients. You'll be amazed at how quickly the system will save you from a typical freshman dyspnea and instead empower tireless athletic form!
However, much more will be surprised by others. After all error-free training program in our sport means rocket boost muscle.
Here you have a couple of months is unlikely someone will be able to learn. And do not react to the absurd accusation that you are, they say, from the first day addicted to steroids. We have something you know that from the beginning you got down to the "right" of bodybuilding ..!
Workout for Beginners bodybuilders in the US and the UK
You have to exercise 3 times a week on the same complex of 3 caps exercises: squat, bench press and deadlift.
Following these movements should be performed more and more exercise. The list varies from workout to workout.
Keep in mind that the so-called "triple base" - a major exercise complex. These movements should be performed with utmost dedication.
First of all, together with the fear of your partner find out with what weight you are able to do in each of the basic exercises of 10 repetitions to "failure" (ie, to the complete inability of muscles to do one more repetition.)
This weight is considered to be the starting point for calculating the warm-up scheme for each exercise of the basic three.
So, here repeats the scheme:
Set 1 - 5 repetitions with the "empty" stamp,
Set 2 - 4 repetitions with a weight equal to 15-20% of your 10RM,
Set 3 - 5 repetitions with a weight equal to 15-20% of 10RM,
Set 4 - 4 repetitions with a weight of 30-40% of 10RM,
5 Set - 3 repetitions with a weight of 45-60% of 10RM,
Set 6 - 2 reps with a weight of 60-75% of 10RM,
Set 7 - 1 is repeated with a weight of 90% of 10RM.
After this "warm-up" you will perform 3 working sets of 5 reps. It is worth emphasizing that in fact we are talking about an integrated system of 10 sets, which provides deep adapt to severe power operation and, in addition, raises great muscle mass!
Additional exercises require only one working sets of 8-10 repetitions. Each set is preceded by a warm-up set of 5 reps with a weight equal to 75% of your working weight in this exercise.
Special exercises
to carry out the program for beginners in the US and the UK
Dumbbell bench press STANDING
The goal: deltoid
Execution: Stand up straight, hold the dumbbells at shoulder neutral grip. Feet shoulder-width apart arrange. Head keep "in-line" with a straight spine. A powerful force squeeze both dumbbells to arms. Without pause, return under the control of the dumbbell to the starting position.
Squats with a weight above his head
Objective: Quadriceps, total body strength
Execution: Stand up straight and place your feet wider than shoulder width. Socks dissolve in hand, to strengthen the rack. Stange hold at the hips wide grip. A powerful force vskinte post up and fix on the straight hands over his head. In the spirit of weightlifting jerk descend into a squat and powerfully straighten. Make all the specified repetitions, holding the barbell above his head.
Objective: The static force of the press
Execution: Take the position of the stop on the floor on your elbows bent and feet socks. The body is completely straighten and keep on weight. Hold the position for a predetermined time, not allowing the pelvis "sag".
60s !!! When you can hold a static posture for a minute to bid up the number of sets per exercise.
"BOARD" Sideways
Objective: The static force of the press
Execution: Take the position of the stop on the side bent at the elbow. The other hand pull along the body. The body is completely straighten and keep on weight. The head does not tilt. Hold the position for a predetermined time, not allowing the pelvis "sag".
Bodybuilding for beginners: the power for the novice bodybuilder
Meals - a regulator of metabolism in the body. Have you heard about this? From what you eat and how much, depends on your physical and mental tone, the level of hormones in the blood, and even intelligence. The choice of bodybuilding nutrition is even more important, because you need products that will grow your muscles. Err can not be here.
The wrong choice will cost too much: let down the drain of your hard work in the gym. While you're new to the food, we offer you a detailed meal plan for a novice bodybuilder from which you will learn how to eat to gain muscle mass. It will prevent possible errors. And answer the most common questions newcomers.
1) How many times a day you need to eat?
Standard power supply circuit, when you eat breakfast in the morning, in the afternoon for lunch and dinner in the evening, bodybuilder will not work. In this mode, the power break between meals is too long. You will have time to get hungry quite strongly, and it is a sign that the energy of your body began to get out of their spare resources.
First, your body starts to produce the hormone cortisol, and he "burns" your muscles to support the body's declining energy tone.
Secondly, the body begins to use a pre-stocked in the liver and muscle carbohydrate. It does not fit you. You lose muscle mass, which worked so hard to build up the, and reduce glycogen stores, even though the existence of reserves data determines the intensity of your regular workout. (The more glycogen accumulated your liver and muscles, the more intense and longer your training.) There you have to 6 times a day, but in small portions. Break between meals obtained a minimum and all the while fueling the body glucose, which enters the bloodstream through the intestinal wall. Sugar stocks are still intact and there is no need for cortisol secretion. But this is just one of the advantages of the so-called "Fractional" power.
Such a diet increases the metabolic rate, and with it the rate of muscle growth. What is important is another nuance with "fractional" nutrition amino acids continuously enter the muscle and support their growth. Also, a constant level of amino acids in the blood helps to improve immunity. But strong immune system - the main condition for the productive strength training.
2) What is the proper diet for a set of muscle mass?
Eat right for a set of muscle mass, then only use those products which help muscle growth and improve health. From the daily diet is necessary to eliminate all the useless products, such as soft drinks, sweets, pastries, etc. Do not eat anything overtly harmful, fried and greasy.. "Correct," the power can also be called natural. Bodybuilders - patrons markets where they buy fresh meat, fish, herbs, fruit and vegetables.
Such food is useful in the present, since it is not subjected to processing, which destroys vitamins, trace minerals and herbal substances. In addition, bodybuilders use sparing methods of cooking: cooked on the grill na, couple, almost nothing is fried with the addition of animal fat.
3) Can I eat at McDonalds?
If you are overweight, do not. If you have a lean physique, ie McDonalds, you can at least every day. But the hamburgers you can replace only one meal of six. Two hamburger will provide you with 25 grams of protein and 66 grams of carbohydrates. This is a fairly good indicator! However, hazards such as french fries, drinks, ice cream and mince pies will still need to be avoided!
4) How much protein per day?
Protein - the foundation of power for a set of muscle mass. But do not think that accelerates muscle growth protein for building muscles responsible hormones - testosterone, growth hormone, insulin. But if there is a lack of the protein material, construction, clear stop. How to take protein? Take 2g of protein per kilogram of body weight. Then raise the rate to 2.5 g If you weigh 90 kg, out of more than 200 grams of protein a day. Divide this number by six meals.
5) What is the best protein?
Undoubtedly, the whey protein. He very quickly digested. In addition, it contains a lot of leucine, isoleucine and valine. These amino acids are essential for muscle growth. Take whey protein twice a day, for half an hour before and after exercise.
6) What is "good" fats?
Fats should not be afraid. Fat - is a powerful source of food energy. One gram of fat contains 9 calories, and is twice longer than gram carbohydrates! Fats of vegetable origin is considered to be good, and the animals - bad. But this division is conditional. Yes, vegetable fats promote health. However, animal fats contained in the (meat, milk, etc.), As required by the body, since they are the raw material for the production of testosterone and other hormone necessary.
Weak muscle tone and low sexy vegetarians caused by a deficiency of testosterone, which occurs due to the exclusion from the menu of animal products, and along with them, and animal fats. Do not be amiss to note that harmful fats are not in themselves, and their excess. Bodybuilders be received as vegetable oils and animal, and another fish oil which contains omega fats family 3. But in an amount which does not exceed 30% of the daily calorie diet.
7) What do you need to eat before a workout in the US?
How much time should elapse between eating and exercise? Sports Science argues that taking the "right" foods just before training session ensures its high intensity and accelerates the subsequent increase in muscle mass. So for a bodybuilder's main meal is not a meal, and a meal before exercise. It is carried out in two stages. First, for 1.5-2 hours you eat regular food. For example, beef, chicken, or fish with boiled potatoes, rice, or oatmeal. The dish must beat at least 40 grams of protein and 80 grams of carbohydrates. For 15-30 minutes before a workout should be a cocktail of 20 g of whey protein and 40 grams of carbohydrates.
8) What should be eaten after a workout and when?
Immediately after training should take a cocktail of 20-40 grams of whey protein along with 40-100 grams of carbohydrates - the so-called gainer. Learn more about how to best take gainer can be read here. After drinking immediately after exercise gainer when you've got home you need carbohydrates that are digested Bistro: white bread or mashed potatoes. Slow to protein and carbohydrate intake can not, because they have to block the production of cortisol, which is sure to occur in the final training session.
9) How much water should you drink?
Water - this is the second fundamental component of bodybuilding nutrition after carbohydrates. Dehydrated muscles will not grow. It happens that the state of dehydration is hidden and does not manifest itself. Drink 3 cups of water and observe for themselves. If within half an hour you do not want to use the toilet, you have a hidden dehydrated. It is usually a symptom of the disease, so you need to go to the doctor. Bodybuilder should drink daily at least 3.5 liters of fluid.
Such an amount is Vod, ensure leaching toxins from the body side muscle contractions and reliably provide water to the muscle tissue. If you feel thirsty, you drink to excess. If usually to quench your thirst you need one cup of water, now drink two.
10) Is it possible to violate the sports diet in the UK?
Sometimes really really want to eat ice cream, pizza or a delicious cake. How to be in this case? IF you have a thin physique, you can break the diet once a week. If you are struggling with the fullness, only one violation in 2-3 weeks. And remember, only once allowed to break a diet. In a day! And it will mean one less meal of the planned six. Try to eat a little less, so as not to ruin your daily food plan. Five more times in the same day, you have to take a healthy diet!
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