Bodybuilding Secrets

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We reveal all the secrets of bodybuilding to help beginners and experienced athletes to achieve maximum efficiency in building beautiful and inflated body bodybuilder.
Success in bodybuilding, pumping large relief and beautiful muscle man requires a minimum of perseverance and knowledge, which is not enough for many beginners and middle-athletes in the gym, here's what we'll talk about in this article.
Secrets of bodybuilding, it is, first of all the knowledge that must be used for its intended purpose, and as a result, you get something to aspire to, the body of the bodybuilder. On your way, the way a bodybuilder will not be an easy road, three years in length, and more, all will depend on you, on your dedication, perseverance, and knowledge.
As yet, what are the secrets of bodybuilding? Let's list, a list of which will help to overcome the road leading to success in the gym, bodybuilding.
Secrets of bodybuilding in the United States and the United Kingdom
Exercise technique
All exercises that exist in bodybuilding should be performed strictly according to the technique, so you can load properly coached muscle, as well as proper exercise technique to save you from injury and sprains during training.
Proper nutrition
For an athlete, bodybuilder in the United States, it is very important to eat right, your body will not change, without loading a "fuel". Muscles are composed of protein, not essential amino acids (proteins), and will not be muscle growth. Your diet, if briefly, to consist mainly of protein and complex carbohydrates, is the approximate ratio of 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein, 20% fat (fat also plays a crucial role in the body, so you should not, abandon it). If your purpose is pursued, massonabor, a set of muscle mass, the food should be high-calorie (consume more calories per day than spend), you can read more in the article about nutrition for muscle growth.
In training, we destroy muscle fibers, for the purpose of their hypertrophy, or supercompensation, that is, when our muscles after training recovered to its previous level and even increased slightly, due to the construction of new muscle fibers. Hence, we have the following, if the newcomer is not properly trained, it can not only add to the growth of muscle mass, but also get the opposite effect, destroy all their already small muscle. Therefore, proper training program should always be combined with the restoration and proper nutrition.
After some training, we must follow the rest, sleep, loading sports nutrition, that is to be sustained pauzka in the training, which will restore the body's resources spent on training, more to learn about the recovery after training.
The next secret to bodybuilding is the number of sets and reps and rest time after the approach. As you know, how many people, so many opinions, we give you the same, their point of view, a proven, and proven performance. If you perform bodybuilding exercises in style, that is, do not use a lot of weight on a large number of repetitions, then rest time should be about 2-3 minutes, and if performed exercises in powerlifting, power style, while the rest shall be increased to 5, sometimes up to 10 minutes . The most ideal solution is to learn to listen to your body and know when you need to increase the rest time, and when on the contrary reduced.
Number of approaches ranging from 3 to 5, no more than the number of repetitions, a maximum of 15 more to do no sense, in his workshop, Tom Platz, clearly said that, in addition, there is evidence is that more than 15 repetitions does not make sense to do (if your goal build muscle).
The mood in training
First of all, you must believe in your success, believe that you will achieve, muscle growth, build a nice physique. Without faith in itself, any right to break a workout, bodybuilding because this is a huge inner work on yourself.
Summarizing, we can conclude that the secrets in bodybuilding, not so much because success in bodybuilding, and in any other case, is achieved by plowing, huge work on themselves, on their weaknesses, faults, and so on. Follow, these tips, study of human physiology, work, overcoming yourself in training, nourishes and regenerates well, and then you will achieve success in bodybuilding.
Bodybuilding Secrets: it strengthens muscles not the meat - and apples
Scientists from the US have found yet another confirmation of the scientific well-known proverb about the benefits of daily eaten apple. The information contained in the most common and popular fruit ursolic acid prevents muscle degeneration and powerfully regulates metabolism.
A team of scientists from the University of Iowa (University of Iowa), led by Professor Christopher Adams (Christopher Adams) found that the most common apples - is not only a source of vitamins, but also the supplier in our body a rare chemical compounds, ursolic acid, which has numerous healing properties - from strengthening muscles to slow down the aging process.
However, in order to hit safely ursolic acid in the body, you must strictly comply with one condition, which is in contradiction with the once-established rules that require the indispensable purification of apple peel.
Professor Adams says that apples are most useful only if you eat them with the skins, and the darker the skin of the fruit, the more nutrients in it, because almost 100% of ursolic acid is concentrated in the peel of the fruit.
In experiments with mice, which have been artificially muscle atrophy caused by regular addition of ursolic acid to the diet resulted in a rapid increase in muscle mass in animals and restoration of the functionality of muscle fibers.
Furthermore, we found that the appearance of the diet mice ursolic acid resulted in normalization of cholesterol levels in blood sugar and animals.
"Our research confirmed the correctness of the old English proverb" one apple a day keeps the doctor that does not happen. " Human experience has long put the apples on one of the highest levels in the hierarchy of useful products, and we have been able to prove it by scientific methods. Each apple - a miniature pharmacy, all drugs which exclusively of natural origin ", - pointed out by Professor Adams.


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