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The basic principles of endurance training in the US
Coaching physical endurance, it is imperative to adhere to certain rules and patterns, so that you can properly measured and without harm to their health to achieve the desired result.
• It is mandatory to produce stretching and warming up the muscles of the whole body, not only just before the planned training, but any physical activity. It will prepare and configure them to such pressures by improving the blood circulation in them. Intensive blood flow in the body - exceptional endurance indicator. It displays the body of waste products, lactic acid, in particular, cause a feeling of fatigue;
• Try to exercise more often and keep changing type of exercise, as well as the methods and options for their implementation. This will contribute to balanced development of all parts of the body and muscle groups, not allowing the body to get used to a particular exercise, which will contribute to improving the speed and clarity. Also important aspect during training has regularity and consistency in the conduct of the training process;
• Training should be continuous, in addition, if you performed a variety of exercises, do not make long breaks between them - as soon as the completed one, you need to immediately begin to perform more. This will increase the overall level of endurance, thus allowing the muscles involved in the previous lesson, a little rest and relaxation;
• Do not shrink from aerobic exercise, cycling, walking trails significantly improve endurance. Plus, improve heart function, cleanse the lungs, to catch his breath, weight stabilizes. All this in the future will allow you to rise to a new level of endurance, and as a result will be able to perform the exercises of high complexity, and your body will get much less stress;
• It should gradually increase the number of repetitions and approaches. For whatever type of exercise you do not come from, to the extent that you will be able to carry it all the more easily, increase the pace, intensity and number of repetitions. Slowly but surely move to the goal, expanding its capabilities;
• Avoid high-calorie foods that are able to provide the body with energy only for a short time, especially taboo on candy, cookies, soda, sweet tea, white bread and chips;
• Gradually reduce weight by increasing the number of repetitions during weight training that will lead to an increase in stamina. The fact is that, the more weight you take, the greater the muscle, but taking into account their size and energy required to reduce them, the development of endurance is poor.
Endurance training period
Train consists of three stages: preparatory, primary and special.
The first phase implies a study of exercise equipment by means of which will be education endurance. It is necessary to learn how to perform a particular exercise, in order to obtain maximum results. Also, at the same time you need to plan your workouts, make a schedule of trainings, their duration and the process itself.
The purpose of the primary stage of training - development and production of general physical endurance. The main objective is to strengthen the cardiovascular system, breathing apparatus, muscles and ligaments. All of this should be to raise the overall efficiency, develop strength, agility and speed of reaction.
Second phase. The foundation for the education of endurance have to be morning exercises. Most of the charge may be stereotyped voluntary movements. Exercise is not necessary to perform a very fast pace, give the maximum amplitude of movements, volitional voltage and a large number of repetitions. Charging should last about 10-15 minutes.
However, if you want morning exercise can become a great way to endurance training if:
• - all the time that is given to charging the maximum saturate the exercise of calculation, that at least 90% of the time will be occupied by a variety of intense movements with the least length of time to rest;
• - the first couple of weeks of the exercises should be done at a slow pace, increasing it with every charge. After a few months of classes should take place in a fast, frisky pace, with a maximum of computation and return. Charging should be carried out daily, every two days into it must be enabled cross.
Whatever kind of exercise and the way you choose, with the time during the exercise you must constantly increase their density, try to shorten the intervals for rest in stages and gradually increase the frequency and speed of individual exercises.
You can move to the third stage of training only after you get the positive results on the main stage. The criterion by which to determine the high quality of the acquired constitution can serve as a cross reference to 3 kilometers in combination with strength training in the horizontal bar and parallel bars.
1. Interval running
That run - one of the best activities to improve functional endurance of the body is well known. You can jog trot, but the most effective "pumping" endurance takes place during the so-called interval running. Its essence lies in the name itself: you need to escape, alternating periods of acceleration and deceleration. To change the tempo, you can run, focusing on distance or time. Conventionally, count them in 1/3, where 1 - the acceleration segment, 3 - jogging for recuperation.
The advantage of interval running that during his body is constantly undergoing internal changes in the chemical balance. Splitting glycogen in the first stage, after the body begins to process the fat cells. That is why the interval running is one of the best training methods for weight loss
During the interval the run you will develop anaerobic and aerobic capacity of the organism. Recall aerobic - is when the function of the muscles is only enough oxygen (running at a slow pace), anaerobic - when to preserve the functionality of the process the body uses the chemical breakdown of the organism.
As with any form of exercise, the main thing in the race interval - the regularity and gradual. Start with 15-20 minute runs, gradually increase the duration and distance. The results did not take long to wait.
2. Swimming
Swimming is recognized by many experts the most rewarding sport. This is due to the fact that for swimming almost no contraindications, the so-called non-impact form of exercise. They can engage people of all ages, it has a good preventive effect, strengthens the muscle corset (and deep-lying and superficial muscles).
In terms of endurance swimming is simply irreplaceable. Classes in this kind of physical activity prevents venous stasis because facilitates venous blood return to the heart
In addition, swimming and more useful because it allows you to form a correct posture, strengthens the muscles close to the spine, because the man in the water feels a constant static exposure. To develop stamina posture and spine condition is no less important than the state of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. A swimming strengthens them as well.
3. CrossFit
CrossFit in the US today is becoming increasingly popular, due, primarily, with the popularization of the system of training athletes, martial artists. Kroffitom doing all the fighters, by Emelianenko before Manny Pacquiao and Batu Hasikova.
This discipline is relatively new, the first set of exercises for CrossFit were created by Greg Glassman in 1980, CrossFit has officially been recognized only after 15 years. What is it so attractive in terms of endurance? CrossFit - a circuit training that combines the power and cardio. Do you have a set of exercises and a limited time during which you have to perform this complex is the number of times you can. CrossFit - it's interesting and not monotonous. Exercises constantly alternate.
Typically, the cycle includes a run of varying intensity, with uprazheniya rope, jumping obstacles and rope, carrying heavy loads, tire flipping, sledge hammer blows them away. The main shell for practicing CrossFit - is the human body itself, and all his exercises close to natural forms of daily physical activity. Therefore CrossFit classes are suitable for people of all ages, of course, subject to reasonable loads.
4. Power
Tired, usually from a lack of glycogen in the muscles, so the main condition for maintaining operational readiness to load is complete carbohydrate diet. You need to be consumed daily at least 6.10 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight, at high loads it is necessary to increase the amount of up to 8.12 gram per kilogram.
It is necessary to consume carbohydrates immediately after exercise, or no later than 30 minutes after it.
Do not forget to renew the liquid is simply water, and sports drinks, and fruit drinks berry, which increase the body's pain threshold, saturate the body with antioxidants and vitamins.
Among the products in the UK most useful for endurance considered raisins (promotes cell nutrition, enriches the blood with oxygen, normalizes the brain), tomato juice (rich in antioxidants), beets (saturates the blood with oxygen, facilitates breathing), ginger (relieves muscle tension) and bananas (normalize cardiovascular -sosudistuyu system).
Of course, you need to avoid heavy and fried food, because of its processing of the body will absorb the energy of his.
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