Minerals in bodybuilding

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Probably everyone knows the important role of vitamins in the power sports, but not all are aware of the role of minerals. It is important to get enough minerals, it is especially important for the strengthening and development of bone structure.

Some people in the US and the UK neglect minerals through ignorance, focusing only on fat, protein and carbohydrates, and very often face the problem of a lack of progress that can be easily resolved.

In order to avoid health problems associated with lack of minerals, it is necessary to pay attention to certain products. You can get all the necessary minerals from normal food, staying at a basic level calories. In this article we will look at six basic or primary minerals, which you should keep in mind in the first place.


Calcium - is one of the most well-known minerals, which require a person on a daily basis. Its main function is reduced to the formation and structure of bone tissue. Another key role of calcium (especially important for people actively involved in sports) - providing muscle contraction. Without calcium, neither your muscle can not be reduced even by a millimeter!

The presence in the products: The most high-quality source of calcium include all the lactic acid products. Only one cup of milk contains about 30% of the daily calcium. Also, calcium is found in abundance in fish and broccoli.


Iodine is most important mineral that is involved in the maintenance of thyroid function (it is used for the synthesis of hormones), part of some enzymes. He knows almost everything, because in every department there are many products fortified with iodine. People who have thyroid problems are often overweight because an insufficient number of synthesized hormones. The same thing can happen with a deficiency of iodine in the diet.

The presence in foods: Iodine often can be obtained from conventional iodized salt, which is available in any grocery store. People who for health reasons must be reduced table salt intake to a minimum (usually an ordinary person receives far more salt than it needs) - in this case iodine can get seaweed, which are available in the form of salads. Addition salts, can now be found iodinated eggs, milk, cereal and even.


This mineral is particularly important for women, it is women who must ensure adequate intake of iron from food. This mineral performs a vital function - namely, the transport of oxygen. Iron is a part of erythrocytes is bound to the iron atom of blood and oxygen is transferred to all organs and tissues, including muscle tissue. Iron is also necessary for maintaining the immune function of the skin and hair growth. When there is a lack of iron deficiency anemia and many other problems.

The presence in the products: The best source of iron - is animal food. Iron is best absorbed from meat. Also, a large concentration of iron is observed in beans, cabbage, apples, nuts and others. Plant products, but it is digested much worse.


 The following mineral on which you should focus your attention  - magnesium. It is necessary for the functioning of muscles and the nervous system of man.

Magnesium is also needed to maintain normal physical activity, it takes part in several energy processes. Finally, magnesium is necessary for normal functioning of the heart, so you should always ensure that you receive it in sufficient quantities.

 The presence in the products: Pineapple appreciated is one of the best sources of magnesium. One serving of pineapple provides admission to 75% of the daily rate of magnesium. Thus, you will not be difficult to get enough magnesium from food, besides the pineapple helps burn excess fat. In addition, magnesium is contained in sufficient quantities in rice, spinach, almost all vegetables and cereals.


 One of the most important functions, which supports zinc - regulation of the process of division of human cells. It is used in cellular division of DNA enzymes to work properly. Zinc supports immune function and speed recovery. In men, zinc required for the formation of sperm and anabolic hormone - testosterone. This is just a small list that does not include even 5% of the zinc functions.

 The presence in foods: oysters - excellent food sources of zinc in your diet, which includes about 500% of your daily value per serving. Zinc is also found in the Cape, poultry and fish.


 Finally, mention should be made of such minerals as phosphorus. This material should be present in our diet because it is widely used in the body for formation of bones and teeth is necessary to recover all cells, organs and tissues.

 This mineral works in close conjunction with the B vitamins, providing normal contractile function of muscles and support the work of the kidneys.

 The presence in foods: The best source of phosphorus in a diet - it dairy products, meats. Remember that the need for phosphorus increases when you take foods rich in calcium.


Minerals must be ingested continuously, together with vitamins and other nutrients. Do things rationally when choosing products, giving preference to natural and healthy types of food.

Replenishment of the body's needs for mineral substances is one of the important factors of success in the USA and Great Britain in any sport.

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