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Sports and the use of steroids are moving side by side from many years. Many sports athletes around the globe have a dream to be the best in their sport and to register their name in the Guinness book of world record through their brilliant performance in their sport. Many athletes use different supplements and drugs and work hard to stay fit and to achieve a better shape to perform better. To achieve their dream and to win at any cost many athletes tends to use STEROIDS or performance enhancing drugs to get better results. These drugs help an athlete to perform better than the other competent and provide an edge over their opponent. Regardless of the many known side effects of steroids many athletes ignore the long term side effects of steroids to achieve the short term glory. The use of steroids is banned if used for other than medical reasons. Steroids are banned by the committees of all the major sports of the world. The use of steroids is also banned by the INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (IOC) as well as the NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION (NCAA). Many athletes undergo doping tests taken by WORLD ANTI DOPING AGENCY(WADA) to check whether an athlete is using the banned substances or not. WADA have suspended many athletes in the past for their use of banned substances that includes athletes from baseball, cyclists. WADA have a policy of testing the athletes during competition known as in-competition tests. These tests are conducted during this various medal winners are selected at random and tested to check whether they are using the performance enhancing drugs or not. WADA also tests the athletes when they are not taking part in competition they are known as out-of-competition tests. These tests are conducted through their surprise visits to the athletes to check whether an athlete is using a performance enhancing drug or not.

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