Ten of the best exercises with a barbell

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1. Lifting on a biceps standing.
If you hang out on the sleeves as flags on the masts, the exercise - just what the doctor ordered. Unusual grip: wider than shoulders, elbows strictly on the trunk line. Hand cranking up to full peak contraction of the biceps. Do three sets of 5-9 reps each.
2. The rise of the biceps right grip.
You're tired of hiding shyly behind chicken little hands? Then beris for the cause! In this exercise grip usual - straight. Elbows again strictly on the sides, number of sets - 3 reps - 7-9.
3. Bench.
If your chest is in the final stages of rickets, the best medicine - the bench press. Lie on a horizontal bench, hold the neck grip slightly wider than shoulder width. Leaving the bar, takes a breath, when lifting - exhale. Elbows stay close to the body. Thing to do three sets of 8-10 repetitions.
4. Bench press on an incline bench.
This exercise is similar to the previous one, except for the inclination of the bench. Such a position of the body longer loads the upper chest (the place that resembles a lunar crater at you). Do three sets of 8-12 repetitions each.
5. Bench press narrow grip.
The position of the body and elbows are the same as with a simple bench. But enough already significantly - about 15 centimeters. Lower the bar to the level of the chest and squeeze up to full straightening arms. Number of sets - 3 reps - 10-15.
6. Bench rod.
If your shoulders are not wider than the garment hangers, then do this exercise often. Perform it can be both standing and sitting, both because of the head and breast. The grip slightly wider than shoulder width. Fully controlled movement, lowering the bar. Elbows "look" down, not back. Number of sets - 3 repetitions - 8-12.
Note: To reduce the depth of the muscle fibers, lower the bar for 4 seconds, constantly straining muscles. Top lift fast "explosive" movements.
7. Link to the chin.
In your opinion, trapezoid - is an acrobatic shell? Nothing like this! Line - is a powerful muscle located behind the neck. You do not have a such? Do not worry: a powerful thrust to the chest "eject" them out.
Grasp the neck straight grip. Hold the rod as close to the body, lift her chin up. Make sure, too, shoulders rise up - in this case the lion's share of the load falls on the trapeze. Lower the bar slowly and under control to complete straightening arms. Do 3 sets of 9-15 reps.
8. Deadlift (back, legs).
This is the greatest exercise in the United States! It operates a large scale, loading and lower back, and a trapezoid, and buttocks, and legs. It is vitally important here and perfect technique. Grasp the neck or raznohvatom (one-hand grip from above, the other below), or by direct grip (both hands grip the top), put his feet shoulder-width apart. Hands completely straightened and fixed. Now sit down so that your thighs are parallel to the floor, slightly sloping, but not round the back - it should be flat as a board. Chin raised, eyes looking straight ahead. Chest Bring forward a little. Straightening the legs, tear off the bar from the floor, neck refrain as much as possible close to the floor. When the leg is almost completely straighten, strife torso. Do three sets of 4-6 repetitions each.
9. Deadlift on straight legs.
Running as the previous exercise, but this time you stand not on the floor, and on the platform - for a better stretching of muscles. The legs are almost straight, back slightly arched and locked. The key is to keep it from "rounding" effort buttocks and hamstrings. Number of sets - 3 repetitions - 6.
10. Squats.
Yes, people do not storks, but how do you like them with their feet! Fortunately, the wise people in the UK have come up with such a thing as squats. This is a super exercise for the legs! Hips start to grow with such fantastic speed that there already and to Tom Platz is at hand ...
Here's how: Arise between racks sit-ups, and build up the neck comfortably on trapezes. Feet shoulder width apart, toes slightly apart. Lower back slightly arched, chin raised, eyes looking forward. Descends to the parallel and next to a little divorced knees were always in line with your feet. Do 3 sets of 6-10 reps.
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