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Posted by on Mar 01, 2017 .
1. Lifting on a biceps standing.
If you hang out on the sleeves as flags on the masts, the exercise - just what the doctor ordered. Unusual grip: wider than shoulders, elbows strictly on the trunk line. Hand cranking up to full peak contraction of the biceps. Do three sets of 5-9 reps each.
2. The rise of the biceps right grip.
You're tired of hiding shyly behind chicken little hands? Then beris for the cause! In this exercise grip usual - straight. Elbows again strictly on the sides, number of sets - 3 reps - 7-9.
3. Bench.
If your chest is in the final stages of...

Posted by on Mar 01, 2017 .
We reveal all the secrets of bodybuilding to help beginners and experienced athletes to achieve maximum efficiency in building beautiful and inflated body bodybuilder.
Success in bodybuilding, pumping large relief and beautiful muscle man requires a minimum of perseverance and knowledge, which is not enough for many beginners and middle-athletes in the gym, here's what we'll talk about in this article.
Secrets of bodybuilding, it is, first of all the knowledge that must be used for its intended purpose, and as a result, you get something to aspire to, the body of the bodybuilder. On your way, the way a bodybuilder will...

Posted by on Mar 17, 2017 .

Probably everyone knows the important role of vitamins in the power sports, but not all are aware of the role of minerals. It is important to get enough minerals, it is especially important for the strengthening and development of bone structure.

Some people in the US and the UK neglect minerals through ignorance, focusing only on fat, protein and carbohydrates, and very often face the problem of a lack of progress that can be easily resolved.

In order to avoid health problems associated with lack of minerals, it is necessary to pay attention to certain products. You can get all the necessary minerals from normal food, staying...

Posted by on Mar 29, 2017 .

Amino acids, what are they for? Amino acids are chemical compounds that participate in a huge number of processes occurring in the body: they form protein compounds, are the building material for muscles, etc. They are actively used by athletes in bodybuilding in the United States and Great Britain. Contained in numerous sports supplements.

Amino acids are the "rules of the ball" in the human body. They affect the mood, improve mental capacity, normalizes mental state and restore the body's tissues, and even responsible for sexual activity. Part of amino acids is the formation of enzymes, which are necessary for the absorption and...